Profit Environment

"Profit Environment is to our knowledge the only existing system able to calculate the present and future impacts of Human Factors upon your profits in dollar terms."

PE is the only system that can show how your 'Human Factors' scores are aiding and blocking your current performance in dollar terms.

What are 'Human Factors'?

Hundreds of excellent studies worldwide have shown direct and powerful ties between:

Why do 'Human Factors' matter to me?

They matter to business owners, managers, shareholders, governments, NFP boards, buyers and team leaders because the way that leaders act and the way that people feel DIRECTLY effects profits today and tomorrow.

How do our competitors already provide these research benefits?

Hundreds of scientifically-sound surveys measure many 'Human Factors' that are proven to correlate with productivity and profits. Many businesses and consultants offer surveys/ profiles/ inventories that assess the dynamics/ behaviors/ personality/ styles of individuals/ teams/ leadership/ management/ culture/ climate, etc. Most of these are based on excellent science and can helpfully diagnose your people or situation.

So why not use their services?

Since all these products are based on correlation studies, none can show that the Human Factors they measure are the ones that actually CAUSE productivity and profits. None can calculate what the scores mean financially. None can attribute your current profit to your current scores in dollar values. None can guide you in how much you should invest to fix any low scores. None can predict your profit.

So what makes Profit Environment so different?

Only Profit Environment can measure the dollar impact of your scores or score changes on productivity or profit in both the present and the future. It can do this because it is based on an enormous global study using a new invention in mathematics - 'structural equation modeling'.

What exactly does Profit Environment do?

  1. It takes staff opinion survey data from your team or organization and maps it on ten dimensions into an enormous international profit-tracking-&-predicting study.
  2. It then shows employers/ managers/ supervisors/ staff/ owners/ investors IN DOLLAR VALUES how much of their current profit they can attribute to each of eight 'Human Factors' (leadership, staff satisfaction, coaching, empowerment, customer service, etc.) in their team/ department/ organization.
  3. They can then predict IN DOLLAR VALUES what hypothesized changes in these eight factors will be worth to them, and therefore which ones to invest how much in to most efficiently improve profits.

In what industry is Profit Environment intended to be used?

Any organization (private sector, NFPs, government) where relationships between managers, supervisors, staff and customers have any impact on costs, productivity or profits.

How do I know this is safer and more powerful than any other competing product?

Ask our competitors to compare their products to Profit Environment. That's how confident we are. Ask them to present their product to you while a PE consultant is present. Challenge us with your questions here.