Profit Environment

"Profit Environment is to our knowledge the only existing system able to calculate the present and future impacts of Human Factors upon your profits in dollar terms."


What is the BIG IDEA?

Profit Environment (PE) takes survey responses from your staff and distills them down into nine variables. The tenth is your profit figure. PE then floats these ten variables ‘ten-dimensionally’ into an enormous global database of scores finding businesses with the same ten variables. Using their known profit ratios, it calculates your statistically-likely profit proportions on the variables, and then converts them into dollar amounts.

What is the big deal about that?

Hundreds of tests can do nearly all this and generate glossy reports… but none can float the dollars into the model. Nothing like this has ever been done before because causal stats are so new and because enormous global business studies are so expensive. Fortunately for us and for you, the study was done independently, so together we carry none of the costs and all of the benefits!

What is the difference between causal stats and regular stats?

Regular stats are based on ‘correlation’ statistics, where two variables are shown to be tied in some relationship. Height and weight are tied fairly tight but not perfectly, so we say they ‘correlate highly’. Causal stats are an awesome and complicated new statistical system that is able to show the degree of causality between two correlated variables – that is, which one is causing the other. So instead of guessing that a variable influences profits we can show that a variable actually causes profits, and how much leverage it has – in dollar values.

Can you apply PE to leaders and teams in a Not For Profit/ government organization?

Absolutely. The managerial behavior and the interpersonal environment existing in a For-Profit organization have a huge effect on people’s productivity, attitude, absenteeism, turnover, job satisfaction, etc.. This leads to better or worse product quality and customer service which obviously leads to greater or lesser long-term profits. Environments stir humans to be more or less productive. The interpersonal environment in a government, volunteer or Not-For-Profit organization has as just as much effect on the humans there. This leads to better or worse mutual productivity each day which obviously dictates the quality of what is delivered to clients, sponsors, members, etc.

Can you use this for leaders and teams who are not directly in a profit-making area?

PE is entirely suitable for this because the ‘Profit Environment’ of a group can be measured regardless of how much money they are or are not making. There are some simple ways of estimating the ‘virtual profit’ of such a team that generates realistic dollar figures and that makes every team in any organization directly comparable. The different dollar figures in different teams or businesses are all made comparable by the brilliant use of factors and ratios in the original research.

Why does this all sound ‘too good to be true’ up against hundreds of well-established ‘Leadership Team Climate Assessment Profile Survey’ products?

It is! Causal stats are miraculous, and in our opinion, will take over all the Business and Social Sciences. We did not invent them; we did not do the original research. We simply worked out how to make these breakthrough academic discoveries accessible to people without a doctorate in statistics. Then we made it affordable, and profitable, for our users. You can even calculate what it is worth to you and measure it into the future. So please bring us your most skeptical questions, and please ask our competitors to compare their products to PE.

Can I sell Profit Environment to other organizations?

Yes, after you pass the PE Consultants 20 Questions Test, which we shall teach approved applicants without charge. Ethos Solutions is licensing Profit Environment to consultants and consulting organizations with generous terms.

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